BOHP: Written Speech Synopsis

The three important learning outcomes of the Baltimore Oral History Project (BOHP) that I gained are 1) The importance of communication with your group members, 2) the importance of not doing things last minute, and 3) the importance of staying motivated and not giving up.

  1. Communication between group members IS KEY. It’s hard trying to get five different people’s schedules to line up right. This happens to be one of the most popular complaints I hear from people whenever group projects are given out. This learning outcome is important because in the real world, schedules won’t be perfect and planning meetings with other people will be hard. Nonetheless, my group member’s communication with each other was extraordinary. We all managed to figure the project out and it was such a relief when we got the project done.
  2. It is seriously horrible to do things last minute. Save yourself you guys. Never do anything last minute ever in your life. I’ve never usually been one to procrastinate but in this situation, our group had no choice. This learning outcome is important because, in the real world, you won’t be able to make it far doing things last minute. You will seem unreliable and irresponsible when it comes to completing your own work. Like how my group felt you’ll become severely overwhelmed and stressed out. I can vouch for my other group members when I say that my body completely shut down. I was worried all the time about the project and it was horrible feeling to have.
  3. Stay motivated and DON’T GIVE UP! I don’t think rationally at all under pressure. I get more easily irritated and it’s a lot easier to push my buttons. With the stress of this project on top of everything else I had to do for my other 5 classes, I was severely stressed out and almost gave up. Fortunately, even when I tried to give up my awesome group members pushed me and reassured me that things would be ok and that everything would turn out fine. This learning outcome is important because if you want to ever get anything done, you have to stay motivated and focused. It’s nice to have reassurance from others but you must also find your own internal determination as well.

In conclusion, I enjoyed going out and exploring Baltimore City with my other group members. I learned a lot about how awesome my other group members are and I also learned a lot about myself.


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