BOHP: Live Speech – “I hate Wednesdays”

So guys, I hate Wednesdays. Which is actually a very funny thing as I was born on a Wednesday. Yesterday was a very difficult day for me so much so that, I cried. No seriously, I actually laid in my bed and I had a very deep genuine cry. All I can say from yesterday is that I’m happy that I got 4 hours of sleep and I’m ecstatic that this damn project is OVER. These are three of the most important learning outcomes of the Baltimore Oral History Project (BOHP):

  1. Even though I had the best group members any one could ask for, I still HATE group projects with people who don’t have the same major as me. My group members communication with each other was extraordinary, it was just very difficult trying to do so much with such little time. It’s hard trying to get five different people’s schedules to line up right and that happens to be one of the many things that seems to be the downfall whenever I’m given a group project in any of my classes. Yes, I know the real world isn’t perfect and not everyone’s schedules will line up, I nonetheless will still hate group projects. Fortunately, we all managed to figure it out and it was such a relief when we did figure everything out out and got the project done.
  2. It is seriously horrible to do things last minute. Save yourself you guys. Never do anything last minute ever in your life. I’ve never usually been one to procrastinate but in this situation, we had no choice and maaaan, I had zero idea how to function. My body completely shut down. I was just worried all the time and I was stressed out. It was horrible.
  3. I’ve found out that I really hate myself when I’m stressed. I don’t think rationally at all under pressure. I get more easily irritated and it’s a lot easier to push my buttons. I personally have a lot going on right now in my personal life and everything just became overwhelming and sooooo annoying. It’s also a lot easier for me to give up on things when I have a lot on my plate. Fortunately, even when I tried to give up my awesome group members pushed me and reassured me that things would be ok and that everything would turn out fine. And I just want to say thank you guys, I love you all and I hope the rest of this semester and your college career treat you well. You all deserve the best and I’m so honored to have gotten to know you all 🙂 🙂

In conclusion, I know that my time here at Morgan within this pilot English class has definitely been a wild one. I enjoyed going out and exploring Baltimore City with my other group members and I don’t regret anything. I learned a lot about how awesome my other group members are. I also learned a lot about myself and my specific stress thresholds.