I busted my ass yesterday while learning to skate. I decided to go skate with a mutual friend instead of my “pro-skater” boyfriend cuz I honestly was bored and wasn’t patient enough for him to finish whatever he was doing at the time. Needless to say I soon regretted it.

To this day, I still feel the pain in my big right toe and I have a huge welt on my upper left thigh. The fall really hurt a lot. Due to the adrenaline, I honestly didn’t immediately feel the pain. As I am sitting here with a semi wet frozen ice-pack on my toe, typing this post, I am still simultaneously feeling all the terrible bruises, cuts and scratches. With each passing hour I find some new pain.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t scared off by my huge fall. I actually got up and started laughing cuz I was so embarrassed. (Luckily we were in a place that no one saw but us). The adrenaline made me feel more awake and I wanted to keep going. I felt pumped. I finally had my first fall and I felt like I was ready. Sort of like when a child who is learning to walk, then trips really bad, cries out, and then gets back up wanting to start sprinting. But as my boyfriend always says, “Once you fall, you’re done.” Sadly, I had to stop but, I’m glad I did. I honestly would’ve hurt myself more than I already have.

All I can say is that I’m excited for what the future holds. Skating seems like a cool little hobby to pick up. It felt so free going super fast in the wind (even if it was for 0.75 seconds….).

I know the falling doesn’t end here. But next time, I’ll be prepared.


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