The Great Thanksgiving Listen

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My visual self-reflection for this interview is:

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Ms. Ime T. Akanke for my pilot English 101 course. She is an English professor at Morgan State University and is a strong activist for the success of African American and Black youth. At first, I was nervous asking to interview her. I have never interviewed anyone before and wasn’t really sure how to go about it. Luckily with StoryCorps, all I had to do was pick my questions and click on the questions as I am conducting the interview.

When first meeting me, most people say that I come off as introverted or shy, and I have to agree with them. I am usually more open and welcoming after I have become more acquainted with them. For Ms. Akanke, I was immediately comfortable with her. She was so easy to speak to and I was happy that she spoke to me like a regular human being. We conducted the interview in one of the meeting rooms on the second floor of Morgan State’s Earl S. Richardson Library. This comfortable setting made it easier for us to converse normally.

For our mini project we were told to use 30 minutes. I decided to choose 45 minutes and figured that it would be enough. Surprisingly, it wasn’t enough. I found it hard to not speak during the interview while Ms. Akanke was giving her answers. When hearing Ms. Akanke’s answers, they were so filled with great information that it was hard not to interject. After our 45 minute interview, we spoke for a while longer. Here is when I told her more about myself.


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