Without Her, He’s Empty

“Did you know that love causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as insanity?” 

I think about that for a minute–love and insanity, beauty and the beast. 


(Buck. M.K. Asante. Chapter 17. Page 112.)

Love is an experience that I am glad Malo was able to have. Falling in love with Nia made it so he finally was able to enjoy life and honestly be happy without the negative influence of the “Corner Boys”. Malo had to personally expose himself so much that everything about him became vulnerable for anyone. From this love Malo then had to experience the pain of loss, but in a much more intimate sense as his mental wounds were fully uncovered. His mind overcome with love then changes to insanity and frustration from the loss of Nia. After the initial break up, the eventual loss of love for this girl soon enlightened Malo to the negatives of his small world so much that he essentially became “stuck” and didn’t know what to do. He wouldn’t answer or listen to anyone’s messages until Nia called. Fortunately, Malo was able to overcome this and fix the many issues in his life.



4 thoughts on “Without Her, He’s Empty

  1. This is my favorite post that I have read. I love that you included a picture to express how you are feeling. This is also one of my favorite quotes from the book. Also, you’re a great writer; you know how to get people’s attention.


  2. I love the fact that you incorporate quotes with your blogs. It brings the reader in and gives them a better feel for what is occurring in the book. You do a great job with analyzing and piecing the character’s emotions and well being overall. Keep up the good work!


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