Thank You Allah

He pushes the chain into my fist, then gives me all my shit back. 

“My bad… Salamu alaifum,” he says, and Fades into the night. 

Amir’s chain is broken but I’m just relieved that I still have it. 

I find out later the charm says Allah, which means “God” in Arabic. 

I remember the sign on Frazier Street: God Saves. 

(Buck. M.K. Asante. Chapter 30. Page 181.)

This has to be one of my favorite scenes because Asante was able bring Amir back into the story even though he is dead. Amir was one of my favorite characters so his death was pretty hard to deal with. (He was so young!). He had a pretty positive influence on Malo and I found it interesting that he, in a sense, was able to help out a friend one last time. At this point in the story, it seemed as though Malo was coming to terms with the horrors that the rebellious gang life has. This experience assisted in pushing Malo back into the better world.




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