Letters to Uzi

These are the thoughts that I believe Uzi and Malo’s mother, Amina, would truely have if she was ever given the chance to really speak her mind.

Dear Uzi,

Why Uzi? Why do you do the things you do? I honestly need to know what is going through your mind child because your actions show that you don’t seem to care about anything. Your actions show that you only care about yourself and that you don’t care what happens to everyone else in your family.
Remember that little brother you have, Malo? He looks up to you ya know. He’s been sleeping in your bed, looking at your crazy sex driven magazines, and hanging with your stupid crew. He misses every second of you. How does that make you feel? You have zero control over what your brother is exposed to now because your ass decided  you wanted to have sex with some little white girl!

This family is slowly breaking and fading away because there is no support anywhere. You know I need you. I am not mentally stable enough to help your brother out. He looks to you, not me. You’re everything he has. I have tried me hardest since you were little to take care of you the best I could. I thought I did well but obviously I went wrong somewhere….

Please. If we can get you out, please do your best from now on. Mommy loves you Dauda. I am always thinking of you and what you are up to.

I need you to come home.

God Give Me Strength,




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